Balloon Excelsior Events

Over 46 years experience presenting successful balloon events.


We organize several small, low-key, non-commercial balloon events every year. Spectators are welcome at all events. No passenger rides are available, however spectators are welcome on the launch field. All events are located in California.

Sunday, January 26 - 12:00 Noon  Balloon Safety Seminar & Instructor's Refresher Course  Brent’s Place  -

Sunday, February 9 - 12:00 Noon Balloon Safety Seminar & Instructor's Refresher Course  Brent’s Place -

Friiday, July 4th - 6:00AM - 21th Annual Independence Day Balloon Rally

Lincoln Park, Tracy  (Afterwards: Pot Luck Lawn Party at Balloon Excelsior)

Note: Balloon events are invitational and limited. There are no passenger requirements at any of our events. Commercial certificate required. All events are weather permitting. All data subject to change. Please confirm time, date, and location with Balloon Excelsior. (

Balloon Excelsior

Saturday, February 15 - 6:30 AM   Gloria's 6th Annual Valentine's Day Rally Tracy Municipal Airport

Thursday, December 25 - 7 AM 41st Annual Christmas Day Balloon Rally and Picnic Tracy Municipal Airport

Sunday, April 20 - 7:00 AM  37th Annual Easter Rally & Pot Luck Hanger Party

Tracy Municipal Airport

Sunday , September 21  -  7:00 AM 5th Annual Gloria’s, Stacey’s and Brent’s Birthday Anniversary Rally

Tracy  Municipal Airport  (Afterwards: Pot Luck Lawn Party at Balloon Excelsior)

Thursday, January 1, 2014 - 46th Annual  New Years Day Rally and Hanger Picnic

Tracy Municipal Airport

Sunday , October 12 - 7:00AM 45th Anniversary of Brent’s First Solo Flight

Tracy  Municipal Airport

Wednesday, January 1 - 45th Annual  Poorly Attended New Years Day Rally and Hanger Party  7:00AM   Tracy Municipal Airport (Gate #2960)