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Balloon Excelsior, Inc.

FAA-Approved Balloon Repair Station
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We are the oldest continuously-operating balloon repair station in the country. We began repairing balloons in 1966, opened a repair facility in 1972, and were certificated by the FAA in 1974.

Balloon Excelsior is certificated to work on all types of certificated balloons; we have an extensive library of maintenance manuals and repair information, and many special tools required for different brands.

Maintenance ShopOur 3,000+ square-foot facility is well-lighted to allow us to clearly see the balloons we inspect, and is carpeted to protect fabric.

Annual inspections are thorough, and we encourage owners to participate to learn to care for their balloons.

We carry a large stock of fabric and parts and can provide timely repairs and emergency service.

We work closely with the Federal Aviation Administration on a regular basis to standardize repair requirements among Flight Standards District Offices and represent ballooning in General Aviation.


Annual and 100-hour inspections fees for hot air balloons are:

Basic Fee    up to AX-7        $360.00
                            AX-8        $390.00

The basic fee includes single burner, and two tanks.

Additional heater/blast valve   $35 each
Additional tanks                     $35 each

Discount for owner assistance, $50.00


We are certificated to inspect and repair the following makes of balloon: Adams, Aerostar, Augsburg, Avian, Balloon Works, Barnes, Cameron, Colt, Eagle, Fantasy, Galaxy, Head, Lindstrand, National, Piccard, Raven, Simco, Skypower, Thunder, Ultramagic.

Custom fitted Cordura basket covers starting at $350.00.

Email for specifics about your balloon.


We are the only company offering training to become a balloon maintenance technician. We have taught many FAA inspectors, civil aviation officials from other countries, and have helped set up several repair stations in the US. Email or call for more information.

Balloon Excelsior