Hot Air Balloon Pilot Training

Flying Lessons in our Balloon Flight School

Pilot InstructionBalloon Excelsior has been training students to fly balloons since 1971, and we are the first and oldest Balloon Flight School in the country.

PRIVATE. We offer balloon flying lessons for a Private Certificate under Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 61 in 10 hours of flight, with 10 hours of ground training.

COMMERCIAL. We offer instruction for the Commercial Certificate course under FAR Part 61 in 20 or 35 hours of flight, with 20 hours of ground training. If you have a Private or higher FAA certificate in powered aircraft, you can go directly to a Commercial add-on.

STUDY MATERIALS:  included in the pilot training course price.

STUDENT CERTIFICATE. If required, a student pilot certificate may be issued at no charge.

Our instructors have from 1000+ and 4000+ hours, far more experience than minimum FAA requirements.

We have successfully trained hundreds of students to fly balloons from all over the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, Jamaica, Central America and South America, using our curriculum and experienced instructors.

                            RATES:                                                                  Private      Commercial

                            Student provides balloon, all equipment,
                            propane, insurance, chase vehicle and crew               $2,200      $2,800 for 20 Hours or $3,200 for 35 Hours

                            We provide all equipment and crew                           $3,000      $4,000 for 20 Hours or $5,000 for 35 Hours

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