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Balloon Excelsior, Inc.

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Air Agency

We have been selling balloons, taking old balloons in trade, and inspecting and repairing balloons in our CRS for over 30 years and we have accumulated a LOT of used balloon parts which we recycle. Many are rare and hard to find. We also have a stock of new balloon parts.

Here are some used items we have catalogued so far. (Please note: They are not in any particular order, so please scroll down the page):

          -Kevlar suspension cables (one size fits all)
          -Rip Locks
          -Red Line
         -Crown Ring, 7" aluminim
          -Wire harness, with and without probe
          -Skirt/scoop clips, fasteners
          -Parachute N180, 16-gore, orange/yellow sunburst
          -Nomex scoop with bottom attachments, yellow
          -Nomex mouth, yellow

    •Raven/Aerostar S55A
          -1/2" Side Vent Pull Line, 76 feet, dacron with
                      -1/8" Centering Cords 108"
                      -1/8" Confluence Lines 180"
          -Parachute Control Lines 75 feet, including all small cords -Steel Suspension Cables
                      -for use with french quick links
                      -all cables are numbered and identified
          -Suspension cables with numbered Davis fittings (flat plate)
          -Pyro wire for API gauge, complete with Hubbell plug
          -Parachute Control Line, New Old Stock Complete with Confluence Lines
          -4-point Suspension Cables with Envelope Suspension Blocks, complete with V-Ring Envelope Connections
          -S55A Top Net, Black Tapes
          -S55A top Net, White Tapes

    •Raven S60A
          -Suspension cables, 2-point blocks
          -Top net with top tether loops •Raven RX-7
          -Red Strap with Snap and D-Rings
          -Ventline (side vent, velcro-top type)
          -Load Plates with Suspension Cables

    •Raven RX-6
          -Load Plates with Suspension Cables

    •Raven Remote Igniter Parts: Wires, Coils, Spark Plug

    •Miscellaneous Raven/Aerostar:
          -Rally Single Heater Padded Cover, Blue Cordura, will fit square shooter or HP
          -Red strap, 46' with splices, Rx7, S50A, S55A, S60A

           -Suspension Cables, AX-4 and AX-6
          -Rip Lines
          -Vent Lines
          -Experimental Skirt with snaps
          -Pyro Wire

          -Suspension Cables

          -Dropline, 2" webbing, very long
          -Bendix-King KX-99 Nav/Com + Weather (NWS)
          -Bendix-King K76 Transponder, Portable, complete with batteries, charger, antenna

          -Raven Rally II, Smooth Leather top Bolster
          -Raven Rally, fabric top bolster
          -Raven Promotional
          -TBW 4.0

          -Raven N.O.S. 5" Round Can
          -Raven Heater Interface Frames, Assembly 14160-4-J and 17395-4-H

          -Controlled Airstreams, 7 blade, 18", 3 HP

          - Aerodynamic "V" Front Aluminum Covered Custom

          -Ball 655R Instrument Packs
          -A.P.I. Pyrometers
          -Digatron DT21A Pyrometer
          -Weston (Piccard/GBC 1043)
          -Piccard Instrument Boxes
          -Raven Instrument Boxes
          -Raven Instrument Panel
          -Cameron Instrument Box

          -TBW Suede Instrument panel with Altimeter, Ball Vario, Digatron Pyro
          -TBW Fuel Pressure Gauge with suede panel
          -Suspension cables
          -Vent line
          -Pyro Wire
          -Tank Belt Webbing
          -Instruments and panel
          -Instrument panel frame
          -Skirt, FF-18, Orange
          -Burner Supports 4.0 with Suede

Other balloon brands. Other parts. We have dismantled a lot of balloons and have lots and lots of pieces and parts: D-rings, V-Rings, O-Rings, Clips, Carabiners, Fasteners, Shackles, Suspension Blocks. We'll  keep adding to this list, so keep checking.

As soon as I learn how to put images on the website (pretty soon...I'm learning!) I'll post photos of some of these items. In the meanwhile, if you are interested in something particular and would like a photo e-mailed, I can handle that.

A work in progress...

Balloon Excelsior