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Pilot Training
Balloon flight training. Begin your ballooning lessons with us, or finish training begun elsewhere. We are the first and oldest balloon flight school in the country and have offered balloon flying lessons since 1971.
Complete Private and Commercial courses in our Part 61 balloon flight school. Add-ons. Part 61 training. Ground school. Preparation for the FAA Knowledge and Practical Tests.

Balloon Maintenance and Repairs      
FAA approved balloon repair station since 1974. Inspections and repairs on all brands of balloons.

Balloon Books, Textbooks, Manuals
Balloon flight training books and manuals, coffee table books, historical publications.

Over 43 years of presenting successful balloon events.

About Balloon Excelsior
An informal balloon museum, an excellent library, experienced research, writing, consulting, and expert witness services. A brief history from 1969.

Used Balloons and Equipment For Sale 
Used balloons. Dismantled, recycled, used parts.    

Balloon rides, Links, Web Friends and Motorcycles

Balloon Excelsior
P. O. Box 4055
711 Industrial Park Drive
Manteca CA 95337
209 825 4290

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